Ninja 8x10 Adjustable Climbing Wall
ultra-streamlined design
small footprint
Fits under 10' ceilings @25°
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Ninja 8x10 Adjustable Climbing Wall


The Ninja is a total revolution in home walls.

Select the BOLT-IN to attach to a slab or structural floor, and adjust with a simple twist of two knobs.

OR, select the FREESTANDING if you can't or don't want to bolt it down.

The bottom of the wall is raised off the ground about 10" to give you room to swing and freely use your feet.

Gas springs take the weight of the wall once you release the knobs, like a murphy bed and adjusts effortlessly by pulling or pushing the wall to the desired angle, from 10 to 60 degrees, using the locators on the side of the wall.

KILTER, TENSION, MOON, SPRAY WALL T nuts will be shipped as Imperial unless Metric is requested.

GRASSHOPPER: We use set screws, not T nuts.

* Note: Wall and Holds+LEDS sold separately.

Length 7' 8" @40°
Width 8' 4"
Height 10' 1" @20°
Your Total $8,900

Details & Specifications

  • Wall Dimensions

    Climbing surface is 92" wide X 120" high.

    Total system is 100" wide X 125.5" high (@ 10°).

  • Depth

    Distance from back of skis to the top of the wall:

    54" @ 20°

    91.25" 2 40°

  • Adjustment Range

    Adjusts manually with gas spring assist from 10° to 60°, in of 5° increments.

  • Fall Zone

    We recommend about 9'x9' and 6" thick for Bolt-In and 8" thick for Freestanding

  • Installation

    Assembly of the wall should take you and a friend about half a day and another half day for holds and lights. You can pick up the wall from our shop or it ships flat packed in a crate to your door.

  • Mounting Requirements Document


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