GrandMaster 12x12 Adjustable Climbing Wall
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GrandMaster 12x12 Adjustable Climbing Wall


Holds and pads sold separately. 
Contact for details and pricing on electric and touchscreen options. 

PREMIUM -The world's most advanced adjustable climbing wall system
•Touch Screen ease of use
     •Future savvy design to keep pace with technology developments
     •Password protected admin settings
     •Bluetooth connectivity built in
•Adjusts between 10°-55° in 1° increments
•Available in Bolt-In or Truly Freestanding option, optimized for tension slabs
•Hydraulic controlled for consistent angle change and reliability
    •Hydraulics loaded in compression mode to ease strain on system
    •Patented four bar linkage for ultimate space saving design
•Available in 8x12 and 12x12 sizes and can be swapped as needs change
•Kick Board mounts at heights of either 23.5" or 30"
•Classified as equipment for better financing options
•Powered by 110v 30amp Electricity
•Installs in hours
•No building permits required

HANGING -If your infrastructure supports it, this could be your answer
•Adjusts between 10-70 degrees
•Bolts into concrete slab and hangs from a structural wall or truss
     •Anchor requirements (each) for floor & wall:
          •1775 lbf tension, 1500 lbf shear
•Thern™ Manual Hoist
     •2000lb working load, 10,000lb capacity
     •Operates smoothly and reliably
     •Simply crank to adjust, nothing else to lock or unlock
     •Low maintenance
•Dyneema™ rigging lines
     •Exceed 13,000lb breaking strength
     •More static than steel cable
•Kick board installs at 12.5" or 16" or 24" high
•Future upgradable to Premium system and beyond
•Equipment classification for better financing options
•Flat packed shipping and easy assembly

* NOTE: The price for the Hanging Wall includes a Manual Crank Adjustment System. For an Electric Push-Button option, please contact:


    GRASSHOPPER: We use set screws, not T-nuts.

        Length 93"
        Width 153"
        Height 149.75" 20 degrees

        Details & Specifications

        • Wall

          Climbing Wall above hinge is 12’W x 12’H

        • Kick Board

          Premium kick board can be mounted at 23.5" or 30" high

          Hanging kick board can be mounted at 12.5", 16" or 24" high

        • Clear Height

          Premium @20° 160.5", @40° 137"

          Hanging @20° 149.75", @40° 126"

        • Base Distance

          Premium 31" behind kick board, 93" from kick board to top of wall @40°

          Hanging 18" behind kick board, 93" from kick board to top of wall @40°

        • Width

          Premium 160"

          Hanging 153"

        • Fall Zone

          Fall Zone of 13' (156") depth by 17' (204") wide suggested

        • Adjustment

          Premium: 10°-55°

          Hanging: 20°-70°

        • Installation

          All Grasshopper products can be assembled and installed by our customers.

          Premium: Our Bolt-In version bolts into concrete slab and does not require additional support from a structural wall. Our FreeStanding, is actually freestanding, and requires no bolting into any infrastructure. -We recommend a Grasshopper representative be onsite for Premium installs (extra charge).

          Hanging: Requires an inspection of your infrastructure to determine whether it can withstand the loading requirements. Once the the requirements are met, installation can be handled by customer.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        How does the Grandmaster mount?

        Just like our Master Wall, the Grandmaster mounts to two points into a structural concrete wall or header beam in a bearing wall. Always consult with your architect, engineer or licenced contractor and refer to our Facilities Requirements Document.

        How much space for padding do I need?

        We recommend 16x16 feet deep for safety. Jumping laterally can send a climber falling away from the wall. 12" thick is recommended.


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