How do I choose the right wall for me?

Choosing the right wall depends on your space, your structure's capabilities, and your preferred layout (which hold system). If you have a garage and a concrete floor, the Ninja 2 is the best choice for price and size. If the garage has a 14 foot clear ceiling height, the Master wall is the world standard in 8x12 adjustable walls. Got a commercial or gym space? The Grandmaster is the one for you at 12x12.

How much height do I need to install a Grasshopper Wall?

Each of our walls have different height requirements. The Ninja 2 needs just 10.45 feet of top clearance to get all the way to 10 degrees. The Master needs 14' to get to 15 degrees. The Grandmaster needs 16 feet to get to 20 degrees.

How much floor space is needed to ensure a good fall-zone?

For a Ninja, 10x10 pads are recommmended minumum.

A Master (12x8) we recommend a 13x13 space for padding.

Grandmaster we recommend 15x15 feet of space for padding.

Always consider off-axis falls for padding. You don't always fall straight down!

How does the Grasshopper stuff ship?

We ship our walls in wooden crates securely packed and organized. You'll get a notice from the shipper that a crate is coming, and you will want to be there to unpack it and load it in your space. Once you get you parts out, follow the easy-to-understand instructions and with your tools, you'll assemble your wall and be climbing in no time!

How close to my wall can I mount the Grasshopper Wall?

Each wall is slightly different and depends on the mounting system. The Ninja can be within 6" of a wall. The Master and Grandmaster needs at least a foot, and if you mount a winch behind your wall you'll want a crawlspace of about 2.5 feet to operate the crank.

How do I know if I can safely secure and suspend a board in my space?

Consult a licenced contractor to verify loading capabilities of your structure. Its up to you to decide if your home or garage has the structural strength. We can send you our specs on mounting a wall.

Once I install a GRASSHOPPER, is it possible to move it and re-install it in a different spot?

Absolutely. One benefit of our walls is this is a piece of equipment you can take with you and holds value.

I have so many questions, can I talk to a knowledgable human-being?

Absolutely! Email us first to let us know your questions and we can also jump on the phone with you to talk you through your specific situation.

How do I mount the Grasshopper Holds?


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