Engage Hold Set - Intermediate — 5.10 or v3+

Engage Hold Set

Intermediate — 5.10 or v3+


The next step is developing power in less flowing positions.

  • Ideal for the next level, circuits, and muscle engagement.
  • Ergonomic holds optimized for every angle.
  • Mirrored layout for balanced training.


ENGAGE is the next step. Slightly smaller, directional holds, more athletic positions, more core body engagement. If you order the bigger size FLOW holds, the next size down will come with your ENGAGE set.


Both the Flow and Engage holds were designed to be repeatable sequences that you can do without needing LEDs. Flow is our warm-up "Asana", something you do every time you start climbing to loosen up, tune up, and warm up. Engage is for more strenuous movement, requiring the use of your core, your fingers, and your feet. Think of these as Phase One and Phase Two warm ups.

Details & Specifications

  • Engage System

    The Engage System are the Yellow Holds. They are set intentionally to promote activation in your core, your hips, your legs and back. The holds are a bit smaller, so set the angle of your wall to fit your desired level.

  • Wall Integration

    The Engage holds are about a finger joint deep and incut- except a few bigger, but flat holds at the top of the Ninja and the Master sets. And good jug undercling to start. You'll feel your abs work, your lower back engage as you climb this set. It is intentionally designed to teach the fundamentals of more difficult climbing in a gentle way.


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