Power Hold Set - Expert & Free Bouldering

Power Hold Set

Expert & Free Bouldering


Get strong fingers, arms and body with these ergonomic bouldering holds.

  • Ideal for free-bouldering at every grade, at every angle.
  • Ergonomic holds optimized for every angle.
  • Mirrored layout for balanced training.
Your Total $1,950


The MASTER holds are for finger strength, fun bouldering and training. Train symmetrically but keep the fun in the training session. A meticulously designed set of ergonomic and interesting holds to keep your sessions motivating and useful, while still having a great time. This complete set could be all you ever need.


We’ve worked with with USA Climbing coach and level-5 route setter, Josh Larson to create the Grasshopper Hold Systems. After nearly a year of prototyping and testing, we selected the perfect holds for free bouldering and advanced technique and strength training.

Details & Specifications

  • Power holds

    Our "Free Bouldering" set, designed for intermediate to expert level climbing. Black in color, you'll find the smallest comfy crimps, big slopers, pinches, our iconic "tri-star" holds, and many more stand outs.

  • A New Kind of Power

    Designed to not only get you stronger, but to teach you advanced techniques than just pulling on incut holds can teach you. You'll find yourself using core strength as well as arm strength to utilize these holds.


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