Founded by Boone Speed (climbing pioneer, photographer, designer and hold innovator) and Jeremy Huckins, Engineer and boulderer with a passion for elegant sculptural designs, Grasshopper began with a simple question: Could we make an adjustable climbing wall that ships to people direct? And do it better and for less money than anyone? At Grasshopper, we engineer state-of-the-art adjustable climbing walls that ship to your doorstep that you assemble.


For decades, climbers have fastened hand-carved wooden holds onto stationary plywood structures and called it a “Woodie”. Woodies typically have hundreds of holds in a compact area and individual boulder problems consist of a unique path through a selection of those holds. There’s no limit to the amount of problems that can be created on a woodie. However, to make a woodie adjustable was too complicated with lumber and limited tools. We wanted to use modern materials and smart designs to make adjustability in a home wall possible. Once you have an adjustable wall, you can have ANYONE climbing on the same wall, from beginners to world class climbers. With LED lights and app connection, you can climb other people's routes, and also add your own to share with the world.


We’ve taken the Woodie to a whole new level by integrating effortless angle adjustability with aluminum and steel. Our use of superior materials and quality manufacturing ensure our walls will be an everlasting part of your passion for climbing.


With the standardization of climbing holds, setting patterns, dimensions, angles, and LED lights, social apps has revolutionized the woodie. Suddenly you can climb with people all over the world in your own space. By adjusting the steepness of the wall, everyone can climb and train at their own pace while sharing turns on the same general surface. Now, one wall can offer infinite 5.9 circuits and V16 boulders. The ideal sizes and ease of use make Grasshopper adjustable walls the obvious choice for homes, offices, institutions, climbing coops and gyms.

Who We Are

Bailey Speed
COO/ Founder
Bailey has been a climber for decades, was a nurse, and a professional photographer before helping found Grasshopper. Her ability to assess the big picture and keep Grasshopper focused on its mission is the key to our growth and success as a business, since the rest of the team are crazy artist types.
Founder & VP Product Development
One of the pioneers of the sport of climbing, Boone set new standards and developed route and areas that changed climbing forever. His passion is to introduce climbing to everyone. We all know how to nod slowly about his latest innovation idea with no idea how to pay for it.
Jaima Anderson
Shipping & Warehouse Manager
Jaima is an athletic bad-ass and perpetual positive thinker. Whether it’s climbing, skiing or running in the mountains, she always dominates…with a smile. She’s the one that gets the Grasshopper team to do one more pull-up, sit-up or put shit back where it belongs. If you saw her day-planner you’d understand why she’s in charge of our warehouse, inventory and fulfillment. The warehouse runs smooth with her at the helm.
VP Marketing
Mike (MC) is an avid climber and storyteller with a deep connection to the climbing industry since the late 80’s. He helped found one of the first climbing gyms in the country, started Pusher holds (with Boone Speed and others) and has been telling compelling climbing stories through his seminal films for over 25 years. Yep, he’s that old. Though MC didn't expect to be back in the indoor climbing business again, Grasshopper couldn’t be luckier to have him telling our story.
We are a lean, focused operation dedicated to serving climbers and our community.
We aim to provide thoughtful, state of the art products and personalized customer service.
Everything we deliver is backed by our 90 day money back guarantee.