Master 8x12 - Custom Hanging Wall - Outdoor

I decided to get my own Moonboard last year, and I was really intrigued by the idea of having an adjustable wall, so I decided to get the Grasshopper Master wall along with the classic 2016 Moon holds and LED lights, and we installed it on a post and lintel frame in my yard.  Right off the bat, I was really glad I’d gone with the adjustable wall, because the 40 degree Moonboard is frankly pretty aggressive. When you have such an awesome new toy right in your yard, it’s basically impossible not to overtrain…. Over the last year I have found myself dealing, for the first time ever, with some forearm and shoulder tweaks that kept me from climbing for several weeks here and there, and every time I could gradually start back on the Moonboard, I was really glad I could reduce the angle in order to make it less injurious. And I learned that it’s very useful to be able to climb at different angles at different times—I wish the Moonboard accommodated that option, but all the problems are set for 40 degrees and that’s the only way to rate or log them.

So when Grasshopper came out with their own hold system, I decided to move the Moonboard to a fixed 40 degree wall in another part of my yard, and use it more selectively, and install the Grasshopper complete Master hold setup on the adjustable Master wall.


The first thing I noticed about the new GH system was the sheer quantity of holds on the wall—there are a lot of holds! And there are a lot of different types of holds, from nice positive jugs to not-so-positive slopers. The second thing I noticed were the lights in the centers of the holds. They look super pretty, and also eliminate the brain freeze moment where you can’t remember if you’re supposed to grab the hold above or below the light, or the blind freeze moment where you can’t see the foothold because it’s above the light.

While I generally call the Moonboard holds “mean,” I would call the Grasshopper holds “friendly” (but not “easy”). Because the GH holds are overall less positive, they are requiring a different sort of tension from my lats and forearms that basically doesn’t allow me to hold on to the point of being injurious. Pain comes from good muscle soreness, rather than tendon tweaks.

On my first few sessions, I’ve been really appreciating the easy flow problems to warm up, and I’m also liking the symmetry feature, where you can climb a problem and then flip it to climb it mirrored. This is really interesting and fun, and great from a training perspective too. The app also allows multiple people to climb together and instantly switch problems from different phones, instead of one person having to DJ for everyone else. That seems like a small thing, but a real improvement as it allows everyone to log problems and follow along together or switch over more easily. The long problems, where different sections light up as you climb, are also something new for me, and yet another reason this system is clearly full of possibilities.…

So far the best part of the GH system is the range of difficulty it offers, because I really like it when people come over and climb with me! The Moonboard, being pretty mean, can be a tough sell to get people to come session on it.  So far, everyone wants to climb on the Grasshopper wall, and it’s quick and easy to change angles or problems to accommodate everyone. Having a wall that everyone likes is definitely a huge plus!


– Steph Davis



8x10 climbing wall space

Angles from 20 to 60 degrees

9.5 ft. (115 in.) of height required

9'x7' minimum footprint required

Suggested Pad Size 9'x9'


Adjusts by hand with gas-assisted springs



8x12 climbing wall space

Angles from 20 to 70 degrees

12.85 ft.(154 in.) of height required

9'x10' minimum footprint required

Suggested Pad Size 13'x13'

Hanging Mount or Freestanding

OG Crank or Electric Hoist available



12x12 climbing wall space

Angles from 20 to 70 degrees

14.35 ft. (172 in.) of height required

13' x 10' minimum footprint required

Suggested Pad Size 17'x13'

Hanging Mount

OG Crank or Electric Hoist available